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My book "MUSIC & MINDSET" updated for 2020!

-Jass Elliot, Entertainment reviewer writes:
"Susan's been in this business since she was a teenager and she really has a handle on how it works. She is passionate about helping others understand the pitfalls in the industry and how to avoid them. One the other hand, she knows the things that will make a band or soloist shine and catch the attention of the right people. It all starts with some skill and the right mindset. If you are an aspiring musician or know one, this is the book to get."


Online Training Studio:
I have been teaching music and one-on-one acting online way before COVID-19. Some of my best clients are people I've only met once or twice in person. A few international students have always been virtual. Although online learning might not be the answer for everything, it is certainly a good way to learn music, learn about music, and learn about the business of music.

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From radio interviews to online magazine write-ups, from social media exposure to in-print magazine articles, I can get it done for you. Also, I understand budget restrictions and have many different options. It all starts with a free consultation. Isn't it time to get started?

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Mindset Coaching:
This may be the most important thing that aspiring, hopeful performers can master. The music industry can be full of rejection and negativity. It can take a relatively happy person and quickly fill them with doubt an insecurity. It doesn't have to be this way and it shouldn't be this way. As a certified personal coach, it is my mission to help people learn the skills and techniques to literally turn this around; to be able to withstand any storm and remain moving forward with a healthy attitude that will actually work in your favor.

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