Indie Music Performer- Online Training Studio

As I said on the intro page, I have been teaching/training students online for years. As soon as it became a feasible thing, I was part of it. I was traveling a lot and this became a perfect way of maintaining a roster of students and still being able to move around.

Now, we are all having to deal with this horrible Coronavirus forcing people to take their studies online. If you are someone who would normally be taking music lessons in-person but is looking to have them online due to COVID -19, rest assured. I am experienced at this. I have the best equipment for teaching music online. You will get just as much and in many ways more out of your lesson time with me online. This is simply because you won't be stressed from traffic, worrying about being late, and most of all catching a dangerous virus.



* One-on-one training
* Audition preparation
* Monologues
* Learn how to perform a song
* Work on doing voice overs
* Public speaking skills developed
* Special training & workshops for politics, sales people & religious speakers
*Don't ever sweat a cold reading again

*Increase your range
*Learn to strengthen and protect your voice
*Hit higher notes without strain
*Add "warmth" to your lower register
*Prepare for auditions
*Prepare for contests- from local to American Idol, The Voice, etc.
*Work on harmonies & back-ups
*Recording studio preparation
*Find performance opportunities


Devin Cain, Actor, Singer/Songwriter




*Beginner to intermediate
*Study the Nashville number system
*Vocalists can accompany themselves
*Play by notes or learn how to read TAB
*Learn to play any song in any key
*Find performance opportunities
*Free referral service
*Learn theory


The cost for lessons are $30.00 for a half hour when bought in a package of 4 - $120.00 Or this can be for 2, 2 hour sessions

If you just want to take a lesson when you feel you need one the cost is $35.00

I do give free consultations and mini lessons just to make sure "We" are a good fit and the equipment all works. 

I usually use Zoom or Skype but am open to other programs if you prefer another.