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Show #4 Uplifting the World Through Music

This wonderful, international show has been sponsored by 'Radio Pluggers '


Another top-notch show curtesy of 'Radio Pluggers' 


Here we are with Story & Song number 5! What a show this one turned out
to be. The word: eclectic doesn't do it justice. This is the longest episode yet.
And it's no wonder; Susan Gabrielle packed this one with musicians from around
the world and from so many genres. First, there is John Reilly and Lewis Nitikman
from two different locations in Europe bringing a classic rock flavor into the
current musical dishes being served up on radio these days.

Then along comes Mr.
Martin from the Netherlands with a happy pop tune with hints of reggae. Next up
is Zeynep Maden from Turkey. She brings a smooth taste of 80s Sade with
perhaps a light dash of Celine Dion to the table. Then comes Telaport from
the USA with a jaunty piece you can dance to, a touch of techno with an energetic
pace. And to top it all off, there is Justina calling in from England with a
delightfully self-empowering R&B track.

What a smorgasbord of music. There’s something here for every taste. This
is what makes music so much fun; it comes in every color, flavor, shape, and size!
It’s a universal language that we can all share. So, sit back and take it all in. This
episode is packed to the top and spilling over the sides!

John Reilly and Lewis Nitikman





Zeynep Maden





Our resident "Fly-on-the-wall" Jesse Bryan's take on Saturday's recording

Here we are with show number four, and it was a globe trotter! First, Manu Chevalier, from France, called
in from Germany. Then, Rafaela Cabreja, from Dominican Republic, called in from the USA. And
finally, Berneen Cereska, from South Africa, called in from Quatar. What a mix of music!

I sat in my corner and listened to the show progress and was blown away. Everyone had
such wonderful stories to tell. Manu was the most technical, speaking of the mechanics of
creating a song. Rafaela talked of her musical journey and emphasized the importance of seizing
a moment and being willing to take a chance. And then came Berneen, speaking of how people
of all races, nationalities, ethnicities, and whatever else you can think of that might divide us, all
come together during the World Cup; everyone is there for the same reason, to watch the

Really, everyone was so upbeat on this show. I came away feeling a little high on life, which has been a rarity these days.
The world needs more of this kind of thing. We need Manu, Rafaela, and Berneen filling the world with their songs.
If there is a single message to this show, it’s that we all need to go out and have some fun, find someone to love, and get along with everyone.

 Manu Chevalier





 Berneen Cereska

Berneen's Official Facebook 

 Berneen's Official Instagram




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Show #3 Jo O'Meara and Michael Cates

Jo O



Story & Song #3. What a show! Two guests on this one, and what great
guests they are! First, Jo O’Meara graced the show with her presence. All the way
from London, England, she came via Zoom to share some time with us. And then,
along came Michael Cates, calling in from the USA!

These two amazing talents couldn’t be more different. She’s a singer and
he’s a saxophone player. She’s pop with a hint of country and he’s concrete jazz.
But both are at the top of their game and doing things their way.

Jo O’Meara got her first big musical break with a band called S Club 7 in
1999. She broke out on her own in 2004 with her first solo album, Relentless.
American country music fans may be familiar with a song by Rascal Flats called
What Hurts The Most, but Jo sang it before they did!

While Jo was joining up with S Club 7, that same year saw Michael Cates
landing a gig on the hit TV hit, Ally McBeal. He was the saxophonist in the band
at the Martini Bar, a position he held for five seasons until the final episode of the
immensely popular series. Since then, Michael has worked with some of the best
vocalists in the world and recorded three solo albums of his own.

Getting the chance to sit in the room while Susan chatted with these two
wonders was such a pleasure. Rainbow’s End, from Jo O’Meara, is a personal
favorite of mine and I’m really grooving on Pulso Nocturno from Michael Cates;
it’s got a funky sound to it that really hits me in the right way. I was enthralled as
Jo and Michael spoke of their lives and their work. But then, that’s what Story &
Song is all about, right?

So, what’s new with these two? Well, Jo O’Meara has just released a
wonderful cover of Michael Jackson’s Thriller to raise awareness for The Great
Ormond Street Hospital charity. Michael Cates, as I already mentioned, has a
brand new album out called, 'New Lives' 

So, check out the podcast to hear more music from Jo and Michael. As for
the two songs I mentioned, Rainbow’s End and Pulso Nocturno, those are two
treasures you’ll have to go find for yourself. Between the four tracks in the
podcast and my two picks, you’ll have a good idea of what these two are all
about, musically speaking.




Both of these talented guests came to us courtesy of Radio Pluggers in London, England



Listen to "Story and Song #3 Jo O'Meara and Michael Cates-From London to L.A." on Spreaker.


Show #2 Barbara Cloyd 



I had such a nice talk with Barbara Cloyd. I'm a talker but not much of a writer. So, here is Jesse Bryan's take on it... 


4104 Hillsboro Pike, Nashville, Tennessee. It’s an address every song writer
should know. This is where you can find The Bluebird Café, a magical place where
talent goes to be honed, polished, and discovered. And one of the most important
people in the world of songwriting can be found here, hosting the Monday Open Mic
Nights! Her name is Barbara Cloyd, and I had the pleasure of listening in 
 on her conversation with Susan Gabrielle from 'Story & Song'.

Wow! So many great stories! Barbara has been doing this for a while. She’s
seen some truly great talents get their start at the Bluebird. Garth Brooks, Kenny Chesney,
Dierks Bently are just a few names on that list. Barbara was
there for all of them.

She’s written songs of her own, as well. One such was sung by the
incredible Lorrie Morgan. It was the heart wrenching classic, “I Guess You Had To
Be There.” It was a big hit for Lorrie Morgan, and it remains my personal favorite
of all of her work. And she has Barbara Cloyd to thank for it!
Barbara also offers a song writing workshop where she teaches the ins and
outs of the craft. And it is a craft, make no mistake. You can’t just scribble out a
few words that rhyme and call it a song. 

She also gives these young hopefuls a chance to perform for actual publishers. In the end,
it's really the publishers that give the song a "yay" or a "nay". So, any advice from them is priceless.

In Barbara’s world, songs mean
something, they tell stories, they are thoughtfully put together. That’s what real
songs are. That’s what makes songs stand the test of time.
Barbara is the real deal. She’s so genuine and personable and relatable. You
meet her once and immediately feel like you’ve known her forever. Some people
are just that way. It’s a gift, and one that she’s got an abundance of. Listening to
her and Susan talking about the industry and its twists and turns felt like being
home and listening to my family talking about our own ups and downs. It was that
comfortable an atmosphere.

If you are new to Nashville and dream of being a songwriter. Or if you are here on vacation 
The Bluebird Café is where you want to be, and Barbara Cloyd is the woman you want to know.
. Maybe I’ll see you there!





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Show #1- Bobby Keel



For upcoming events and more information about Bobby go to:
his facebook page HERE




Staff writer, Jesse Bryan wrote the following:

I’ve met Bobby Keel. And let me tell you, it’s a pleasure to beat all others. We’re talking about a guy with
a sense of humor as wide as the Grand Canyon and talent that runs as deep as the Mariana Trench. A
guy who brightens up any room he enters, just by being himself. But you know what I mean.
Wait. Did you just ask, “Who is Bobby Keel?” You’re pulling my leg, right? You know who I’m talking
about. The guy who has 14 Gold records to his name. Even better, the guy who has 12 Platinum records!
The guy who wrote songs for Willie Nelson, Hank Williams Jr, Merle Haggard, David Allan Coe, Travis
Tritt, and a whole heap of other legends. The guy who toured with Confederate Railroad, Lynyrd
Skynyrd, and Hank. Come on, you know who I’m talking about! He’s the founding member of The
Ballistic Pintos, for Heaven’s sake!

When it comes to legends, Bobby Keel is the real deal. A true-blue, all-American member of country
music royalty. And for all that, he’s about as down to earth as it is possible to get.
I got to spend some time with Bobby at Niko Recording Studio while he
spoke at some length to Susan Gabrielle. It was truly an event. Bobby is an ebullient bundle of humor,
personality, and above all, talent. He’s a man who’s doing what he was born to do, and he’s been doing it
since he was 17. (I don’t want to be a tattletale, but that was a good bit of a while ago!) It’s not every
day that I get to have so much fun. Bobby has a way of making people feel like they’ve been friends
forever. I was instantly at ease in his presence.

It was a day I won’t forget. A day with a legend. But more than that, it was a day with a new friend.
Because everyone is Bobby Keel’s friend once they meet him. You can’t help yourself. You meet the
man, you like him. It’s just the way it is. It’s Bobby Keel.


Listen to "Story and Song #1. Bobby Keel" on Spreaker.